Your Questions About Selling On Amazon:


What Issues are You Having with Amazon?

  • You have a great brick-and-mortar retail sales business but are in the dark about online sales and selling on Amazon.    
  • You may already be on Amazon but your control of the platform and sales are not what you expected.


Presentation of Your Brand and Products

  • Are you happy with your product images and do they really represent your products?
  • Do you know that well crafted bullet points and product description can boost your sales?
  • Do you know what it means to rank your product and how that increasing the rank can also boost your sales? 
  • How can using the right search terms in your listing help your sales  and profits?
  • Did you know that optimizing your listing can increase your sales conversion and return on investment? 


Who Are Your Vendors/Sellers Anyway?

  • Do your vendors care about your product, or is yours only one of 100's of other brand's products that vendor sells?
  • Do your vendors maintain the MAP prices you have set for them?(Minimum Advertised Prices)
  • Do you have any control of your product images and presentation of your product? 
  • Do your vendors handle customer service and complaints in a manner that reflects your company standards? 

Can it get worse?

Closed Amazon Accounts

Devaluation of Brand Reputation

Devaluation of Brand Reputation

Unwitting or careless mistakes can result in Amazon closing accounts to the detriment of your brand. 

Devaluation of Brand Reputation

Devaluation of Brand Reputation

Devaluation of Brand Reputation

Improper handling of one's brand reputation and customer service can devalue a brand. Online reputation is huge in our current society. 

Depressed or Unrealized Profits

Devaluation of Brand Reputation

Depressed or Unrealized Profits

If you Amazon listings are not 'optimized', a lot of profit can be left on the table, not to mention the brand good will of a well-crafted listing.


Some things in your online Amazon business may need to change

 It is possible that there are aspects of the online Amazon part of your business needs to change to optimize your sales, conversions and resultant profits.  

You are the one in charge and it's time to demand the improvement you deserve

Having vendors selling your product(s) on Amazon is no guarantee that they know how to sell on Amazon any better than you do. It's time to take the reins and get the sales you deserve.

We are the hope that things can change

Our company is the hope for you that sales, profits and brand identity can be optimized.

We CAN help you

Our help is yours. We are experts in Amazon optimization and have been selling on Amazon ourselves for the last 5 years. Amazon has changed a lot in those years and the change that is coming is exponentially greater. 

We can help you keep pace with those changes so you stay ahead of the Amazon game! 

A Short Note About Us

We are Amazon sellers too

We have several brands and have been selling on Amazon since May of 2014. A lot has changed on Amazon since then and it has been a challenge to keep up with it all. 

  • We are currently private label sellers ourselves, owning our own brands and products, as well as selling other people's products using our professional selling accounts. 
  • We have used several different models, such as buying the products wholesale and selling them as well as a consignment method of selling and paying the brand owner after the sales, on a monthly basis. 
  • We love an open dialogue so everyone is getting what they need from the relationship and fixing those things that may come up.
  • Last but not least, we care about our relationships and the people we work with and will go to great lengths to make sure everyone is happy and that the exchange of value is equal and fair.


How we help...

We will retail your brand products and help you maximize all aspects of selling on Amazon.

Our main focus is to sell products on Amazon through our accounts. We would like to propose a plan to sell your brand products. As a part of this, we can help put in all the successful actions for selling on Amazon that will help both your company and ours- it's a win-win situation. 

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The first step is to chat about your individual situation so please contact us and we can set up a time to have a complimentary meeting on the phone or in person. 

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